Marketing mix in the construction industry


Carpentry Vorm-Voud specialises in the area of interior construction and furniture design. Together with different business partners this carpentry realized customized furniture for consumers and companies. For example, consumers want a table or coach for the living room or a closet customized for the bedroom. Within the business market Vorm-Voud has experience with implementing flex work places and designing furniture customized for office buildings. In the current economic times is important for Vorm-Voud to be unique in relation to competitive companies within the SME. That’s the reason DutchCoCreation is asked to analyse the current marketing strategy of Vorm-voud. The goal is to position the company online and offline in such a manner that the quality will stand out and is customer-oriented. Furthermore, DutchCoCreation helps optimizing the organizational process; therefore the customer journey is mapped and ICT related processes like billing are standardized.


The current 7 p’s of the marketing mix are mapped together (co-creation process) in order to analyse the organisation: product, price, place, promotion, process, people and proof. Through interviews with the owner of Vorm-Voud, business partners and customers, several areas of focus have been identified. After conducting qualitative and quantitative market research, was decided regarding the following key areas to deliver strategic marketing advice and implementation: webdesign, positioning, organizational process, customer journey, product development, events and Marketing Sales Funnel.


DutchCoCreation coaches Vorm-Voud involving management issues. After several customer insights by DutchCoCreation the owner of carpentry Vorm-Voud made his businesss more customer-oriented and focused on achieving results. The customer journey makes sure customers are happy and loyal. Business partners work more efficient because expectation are now better coordinated. In the online environment Vorm-Voud has a business website with a photo presentation regarding recent projects. The website is monitored with Google Analytics for geographic market insights and opportunities. Through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter customers are informed about the latest product developments. Furthermore, Vorm-Voud attends business fairs that are geographically relevant for its target group. The owner is very satisfied regarding the strategic marketing advice of DutchCoCreation. Therefore Vorm-Voud recommends his customer base to do business with DutchCoCreation in order to develop their marketing strategy. The website of Vorm-Voud is completely created and maintained by DutchCoCreation. For more information on developing your online and offline marketing get in touch through the above e-mail address and telephone number of Sander Nijgh.

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