Established specialty; child and family photography


Kiki Fotografie asked DutchCoCreation to take care of webdesign and social media. The social networks involved are Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr. Furthermore, questions arisen regarding insights in its target group in order to create opportunities that strengthen Kiki Fotografie.


DutchCoCreation has incorporated the style of Kiki Fotografie in its webdesign and social media. Furthermore, a questionnaire is made within Qualtrics to investigate the market further. The market research is fully done together with Kiki fotografie.


Several recommendations were made on the basis of market research in relation to the geographical market. Furthermore the Net Promoter Score was obtained from the network of Kiki Photography. This provides input for LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr in order to strengthen marketing. The webdesign is fully compliant with the results of the research and style of Kiki Fotografie. Everything came together collaborative in webdesign and market research, that’s why we can speak of valuable co-creation.

Family Photoshoot Kiki Fotografie