Webshop, advertising and SEO for an international importer in the food industry


The business-to-business sales channels (B2B) of Ecuador’s Fine Taste are profitable. However, a lot could be done online to improve the side of business-to-consumer (B2C). The question was to generate online sales through a webshop, whereby this should be integrated in the official website for B2B and B2C customers.


During meetings we discussed the strategy of the company. Furthermore, a new company name was chosen: Ecuador’s Fine Taste (EFT). The content and juridical matters were developed and translated into a look and feel that fits EFT. An action plan is made for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and through important keywords the company is easy to find in Google. In order to have continuity in generating content and sales for the future, a manual was made in order to operate the Content Management System (CSM) of the official website and incorporated webshop. A meeting regarding the budget for advertising on Facebook, Youtube and Google also took place.


A webshop and business website with the products of Hoja Verde chocolate, Vélez coffee, MIRA avocado oil, MIRA avocado spread, MIRA Ají and MIRA fresh avocado’s. A newsletter for all customers and interested people in EFT. Advertisements with like, share and win competitions of EFT products from Ecuador. The company is growing internationally and more and more stores are selling EFT products. Due to the online strategy this growth can take place. Do you also want to grow your business? Get in touch with Sander Nijgh of DutchCoCreation through sander@dutchcocreation.nl or call 0636467755.

“Planning was done with sprint cycles of 2 weeks”

Measurement plan | Overall business objectives

Sell products from Ecuador for EFT.

Strategies and tactics

Ads and newsletters that lead customers to the website and webshop of EFT.
Increase the revenue of avocado oil and related products from Ecuador.

Key Performance Indicators

Increase conversions (newsletter and sales).
Increase total transactions.
Increase the total revenue of products sold.


Demografic customer details: age, gender, location.
Traffic: referral, email, organic, direct.
Device type: mobile, tablet, desktop.
User category: B2C, B2B.


Higher engagement: 20% more pages per session, 30% more time on page per session, 35% lower bounce rate. Increase conversions: 40% higher conversions registrations newsletter, 50% higher conversion sales.

Ecuador’s Fine Taste brings you in contact with special tasteful products from Ecuador with the slogan: “Honest and delicious for the mouth – Pure nature and healthy.”