PGA Professional Patrick Bourgonje; Total Golf Experience


PGA Professional Patrick Bourgonje was looking for a website that’s up-to-date with current golf developments in a design that fits its personality. Because of his background, among other things, in golf, windsurfing and the trendsport business he had a clear vision for his online positioning. Naturally, the design had to be attractive for the current golf market.


Firstly, we discussed the look and feel of the website with a corresponding slogan. Furthermore, several suggestions were made regarding the chapters of the website. A biography seemed to be a nice addition because of his career as a windsurf professional and experience in the trendsport business. To go further, we discussed how his up-to-date specializations and schoolings as a PGA Professional could best be presented. Finally, we thought about attracting an international audience and how to make them enthusiastic about the (theme) golflessons and golf travel.


PGA Professional Patrick Bourgonje offers a total golf experience because of his wide background as a PGA Professional and allround career in sports. That is why his slogan is: Total Golf Experience. Swing with effortless power, master the shortgame and acquire mental skills. Also, through a link people can visit the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Patrick Bourgonje is TPI certified and applies these swing mechanics during his golf lessons. In an up-to-date blog, golf travel and Trackman days are offered for the golfers. Trackman is the latest analysis tool in the golf industry and measures serveral factors in order to improve the golfswing. The online agenda can also be found for booking golf lessons. And if golfers want to, they can give away a golf lesson by ordering an online gift voucher. To attract international golfers, for golf lessons and golf travel, an interactive English website is set up with a .com extension. Everything is easy to find and relevant in connection with the developments of the current golf market. Are you also looking for up-to-date webdesign and do you want more insight in your market? Then, let’s go work with DutchCoCreation. Get in touch through the contact form or by e-mailing to It is also possible to call directly to 0636467755.

Swing with effortless power, master the shortgame and acquire mental skills